Heating And Cooling Solutions For Your Residential Home

Jan 08, 2023 General

Heating And Cooling Solutions For Your Residential Home

Most people ignore heating and cooling. The heating systems keep the home warm during the winter and depend on the air conditioning to keep cool during the summer. When the house is hot or winter in summer, the natural reaction is to ask for professional service.

Luckily, there is an alternative. The service can be cut-cost dramatically and keep the heating and cooling systems working efficiently by doing quick fixes and some maintenance. Russell’s Heating and Cooling systems are ideal solutions for your residential homes.

How do heating and cooling systems work?

All climate-control systems or devices have 3 basic components:

  1. Source of cooled and warmed air
  2. Means of air distribution to the rooms being cooled or heated
  3. Control used to regulate the system

The source of warm air will be the furnace, while the cool air is the air conditioner. In a house, often use the same control and distribution systems. When the house has central air conditioning, the cool air flows through the same ducts and is heated and regulated at the same thermostat. When the heating or cooling system malfunctions, these three basic components may cause a problem.

Russell's Heating and Cooling

Both heating and air conditioning function on the principles that heal moves from the warm object to the cooler one, just water flows from the lower and lower level. Heaters and furnaces put heat in the air to make the home warmer, while air conditioners remove heat to make the home cooler.

The heating and cooling units will burn fuel. The air conditioners will use electricity. The heating systems use fuel oil or gas, other systems use electricity. The heat pump is an electrically-powered climate control unit, both heats and cools the air. During the summer, it extracts heat from the air in the home. During the winter, it pulls heat from the air outside, using the heat for warm air inside the house.

Heating and cooling distribution systems

When the air is warmed or cooled at the cold/heat source, it should be distributed to various rooms of the home. It can be accomplished with radiant systems or forced-air gravity.

  • Forced-air systems. It distributes the heat produced by the coolness or furnace produced by the central air conditioner through an electrically-powered fan called a blower. The blower forces the air through a system of metal ducts to the rooms in the home.
  • Gravity systems. It is based on the hot air rising and the cold air sinking. Therefore, you can’t use this system to distribute cool air from the air conditioner. The furnace in this system is located below or near the floor.
  • Radiant systems. The system functions by warming the floors, walls, or ceilings of the rooms or more commonly by warming the radiators in the rooms.

Call for a specialist if you decide to install one.