Australia Partner Visa

Oct 07, 2022 Travel

Things To Remember When Applying For Australia Partner Visa

In the past few years, the cost of a partnership visa has gone up. Australia has one of the most expensive partner visas in the world. There is an extra fee if you choose to consult and hire family and partner visa specialists. But everything is all worth it because, with assistance, you can make sure that the application process goes smoothly and the chances of success are high. And before you apply for a family or partner visa, here’s everything that you have to take note of.

Be Financially Ready

So you are finally ready to start the application process. But you have to remember that before you can even proceed, you have to ensure that you are financially ready. The cost of applying for family and partner visas in Australia has surely gone up over the past years. That is why you have to choose a company or agent to work with. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars and only have to deal with problems.

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Expect For A Lengthy Process

Because of how the application works and the number of applications received each year, it is expected that the process is long. Even though there’s no limit to the applications they accept, the Department can only handle so much. It is common for applicants to have to wait around 16 to 18 months to be catered. Also, offshore applications take so much longer.

Evidence Needed

Verbal proof of your relationship will not work. Just because you say your connection is real does not mean that you will automatically be believable. It is very important that you show enough proof of your relationship. This includes financial and social evidence that your relationship is real. It can also help if you seek assistance from a local migration agent. You have to remember that in this kind of application, nothing is too much because even the smallest details count.

Health Check Is Required

With or without children involved, the department will require the applicants to go through a health check. You always have to remember that those applicants who may be a “burden” on the healthcare system have very little chance of getting approved. Most of these applications are turned down. In these situations, it is best that you talk to a migration consultant so you will be given advice on how to proceed.

Applications for family and partner visas can be complicated and  costly. That is why it is best that you are prepared emotionally, mentally, and financially. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on this and end up getting denied because of a simple mistake that could have been avoided in the first place.