Salmon Fillet and Various Other Kinds of Seafood Suppliers in Hong Kong

Jun 24, 2022 Food

Salmon Fillet and Various Other Kinds of Seafood Suppliers in Hong Kong

Seafood is loved by people all around the world , it is very popular in Asian Countries. People love to enjoy seafood with beer and their friends. To provide the best, SeaFood Friday has exceptionally good services with the best quality.

Their fishermen work day & night on the roughest seas in the world to catch the most delicious seafood and bring. They have trustful partners and suppliers that defy the forces of nature to get only the best in the world to Hong Kong, ready for delivery straight to one’s front door. They work side by side with the farmers. Their experts are in touch with them daily.

After they receive an order, their fishmongers select the seafood supplier by the fish auctions and the fisherman by hand. They don’t hold fish stocks for days to avoid food waste and keep the stock fresh.


  • They provide fish available in the stores directly from the sea which is obtained by their trusted farmers.
  • One can also save time and money by ordering it online that comes in consumer-friendly packaging.
  • Their products are well reserved and ready to cook.
  • They also provide lovely recipes online.

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Some of their popular seafood:

  • Quarantine survival bag
  • Fresh smoked cottage Salmon
  • Fresh whole Dover sole
  • Fresh sea bass fillet

Famous Salmon Fillet

The salmon fillet hong kong is also another very popular fish item that many people purchase. It is directly available and comes as Sashimi-grade or boneless & skinless.

Our boneless & skinless salmon fillet is portion vacuum-packed direct and available fresh by air.

The flavour of their Norwegian salmon reveals the waters in which they are raised. These Scandinavian waters are cool and clear, that keeps the water fresh and helps exercise the salmon, thus reducing fat levels in the fish and giving it a clean texture.

It is an explosion of flavours in the mouth and is loved by all, especially kids. It is super easy to cook in the kitchen. To let its true flavour shine one must bake, broil, pan fry or grill with simple seasonings; it can also be poached with herbs and spices to enjoy a quick and healthy meal.

To conclude, with the Seafood Friday platform, one can make their group of friends bigger and more efficient with tasty meals that come from their trusted local partners, one can receive their fish and seafood delivered at home by one of their cold trucks that drive around Hong Kong all day.