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Oct 10, 2021 Home

Let’s discover the interior doors

The interior doors of the house are a very important choice to define the style and personality of your home or to complete it with harmony. The choice will therefore have to concern both the shape of the door itself and the material with which it is built: there is a wide range of options to integrate the doors into the design of your home or office waterproof door singapore.

The wooden doors, let’s say the most classic category, are divided into three categories:

Solid wood doors, are made with the massive part of the tree trunk and their quality and durability depend on the wood with which they are made. In fact, there are woods that are more valuable and resistant than others.

Doors in honeycomb wood, consist of a honeycomb cardboard interior covered on both sides with plywood sheets (or MDF) which can be ennobled, or covered in turn with a colored foil or with a wood effect. They are durable and light doors.

Waterproof Door Singapore

Laminated wood doors: these are doors made up of strips glued together to build the structure of the door, then coated with a wood-colored foil to give a specific effect.

The doors in solid, honeycomb or laminated wood can be lacquered, or treated with a resistant paint, therefore they offer a wide choice of colors to harmonize with the furniture and walls of the house, they have the advantage of being able to be painted in many colors to customize the brings and harmonize it with the environment. Another material widely used for interior doors is MDF, which is made up of an amalgam of wood fibers mixed with resins to form panels whose main feature is very resistant to humidity. These panels can be painted or coated with “veneer”, a thin sheet of wood generally of a fine type to obtain a pleasant aesthetic effect.

A light material but resistant to scratches, heat, fire and stains, widely used to build doors is laminate which can also be worked to obtain particular graphic effects. The laminate, on the other hand, is thicker and more resistant, waterproof but not workable at the level of incisions.

The glass doors are made with material treated with a particular technique that makes it particularly resistant and contains a core of plastic material that prevents it from fragmenting into splinters in case of breakage. To ensure safe use, the glass is treated in this way and this affects the price of the finished product.