Benefits Of Child Counselling Singapore

Aug 11, 2022 Health

The Importance of Child Counselling Services

Counselling are of many types — from psychological counselling to education guidance counselling that every child needs to go through deciding the stream or focus of their higher education. Each counselling session has its value and can add a new level of understanding to the still-developing child who is eager to learn and understand their world and surrounding. This is why child counselling singapore is quite important in the education system.

Unlike what one may think, counselling is not similar to therapy sessions — the main aim of any counselling session is to guide the client to decide on an appropriate choice based on their needs and current situation. It can be about anything, let it be their education goal, career path or even some psychological issues they are facing at the moment of the session. It is way more informal and open than its other counterpart.

What is counselling?

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In a nutshell, counselling is a guidance session that helps one to determine or choose the solution to their problem or issue. Such an issue can be of any nature and is more dependent on the client than anything else. There are many types of counselling, due to such diverse reasons, and can be seen in any profession and workplace.

Since counselling helps one resolve their issues or confusion, it can be used in the context of any field or profession and can be opted by both children and adults.

What kind of counselling do kids take?

The nature of counselling mostly depends on the children than the counsellor themselves. The nature of their issue determines what kind of guidance and help they will need and as per that, the counsellor adjusts their sessions and guidance.

Since counselling is usually open-ended and can be done with more than one person, many children’s counselling is performed in large batches — especially in cases of career or stream counselling where the counsellor explains the path of careers each stream can open the opportunity for. Such sessions not only help the children decide their career path but also allows them to explore options that they didn’t even know previously existed.


In the end, counselling sessions can be extremely beneficial for anyone attending them — especially if they’re children who are still getting used to navigating through the world with their newfound decision-making skills. It can help guide them through their options while also giving them the full freedom of choice.