Flower delivery is the distribution of flowers. The production and trading of flowers is known as floristry. Flower distribution is an accommodation in floristry. There are many online platforms called as websites till now, for the wedding flowers package singapore. Online users can browse the list of flowers. Consumers can get flower catalogues in flower delivery service websites. They are often distributed to third parties as gifts.


  • Before the arise of these web services, flower delivery usually use the service of telephones. The first flower delivery company is names as floral wire service also can be called as flower relay service. Its services offer flower and flower products for the consumers. It provides using local agents and direct customers for housing services.
  • In the beginning, 15 people started this service in US in 1910. They named their service as Florists Telegraphy Delivery Service. Orders were served using mobile communications and messages. After introducing wire service and international order exchange, FTD changed their name to Florists Trans world Delivery.
  • In the 1920s, a group if British florists composed a kindred ‘ Flowers by Wire’ group. This is affiliated with FTD commenced in 1953. Many floral services were introduced by 1970. Many independent companies like Teleflora, Bloom Net division were built later for floral services.
  • Usually affiliate wire service main functions are to act as agents and sell products and accommodations on behalf of local florist suppliers. In floral services, items are not stocked before the order. The specific item that the consumer ordered will be purchased from the supplier after the order of user. Many florist wire services pay performance rebates to affiliate resellers.
  • FTD was formerly a co-op, owned by its members. The board if directors decided to sell this to Perry Capital in 1994. Due to senior florist revenue was increased suddenly and payments were increased to the sellers and FTD become a profit company. Wire services were privatized. Florists have started developing nonprofit work through a florist group with RealLocalFlorists website.
  • One can get flowers for good decoration with the flower wire services. It is less time consuming in online marketing of floral products. Highly accurate products will be consumed by the users in floral marketing.

Flower services are categorized into 4 types:

  • Local Florist: This is also known as hand delivery near the geographical areas of the floral service.
  • Order Broker: Third party agents refer the images of flowers to the customers.
  • Relay Florist: Consumer directly purchase from the local area.
  • Courier Delivery: Flowers will be couriered by post.