Is it ideal to use a rowing machine for beginners?

May 08, 2022 Health

Is it ideal to use a rowing machine for beginners?

You don’t have to be competitive when it comes to rowers to get their benefits. The rowing machines are called ergometers which use both your upper and lower body on every stroke you make. In every turn, you can strengthen and tone your muscle to enhance your endurance. And rowing gives you benefits that are good for your heart and lungs.

Gives you a whole-body workout

It is misunderstood that using a rowing machine is only good for your arms but it can be good as a full-body workout. The muscles that it can target are calves, glutes, quadriceps, and also your upper body.

Rowing is ideal for all

Once you have a rowing machine you can add it to your exercise routine. However, when you don’t have a machine yet you can buy a rowing machine online. When you add it to your routine you can lower your cholesterol levels and have a good body structure.

 It is low impact

A rowing machine can help you burn calories without stressing your joints. And you can control your movement and pace which is ideal when you only like to burn up the calories in your body. Even this exercise is good for people that have an early stage of osteoarthritis. As it doesn’t have a high impact kind of exercise.

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Good for your heart and lungs

You can use it as a cardio exercise because it can strengthen your system including your heart, blood, and blood vessels. It handles transporting oxygen snd nutrients in your body. And because rowing is giving you an intense workout your heart has to work too. It needs to transport the necessary blood in your body. That is why it can enhance your heart strength and is ideal for those that have a heart problem.

Develops endurance and power

Rowing exercise is a combination of cardio and it strengthens to build your endurance and power. Power helps you to do jumping, punching, or sprinting. When you row it correctly you are using your leg muscles to propel your back and arm muscles that need power. Endurance is giving you the ability to keep on rowing for a longer time.


Even for a short time, the rowing machine can help you to achieve your goals. And because it is a full-body workout you are hitting a necessary muscle group. Using it can give you a lot of health benefits in your body.


A treadmill can take a lot of space in your home when you are still using it as your workspace. But some rowers can be folded up so when you are not using them you can keep them. And that is also the other reason why people love to use a rowing machine.