Fish is indeed the delicacy of a chef’s kiss, one that carries the true essence of original seafood. Nothing can top the mouth watering taste of smoked salmon, the luxury and beauty of grilled sambal stingray. But to actually feel the kiss of sea fish on your tongue, you need to ensure that you are only choosing the optimum quality of fish, otherwise, what’s the point?

And this is exactly where the issue lies, we don’t really know where to buy fresh fish in singapore. Hence, we just keep hopping from one mediocre fish retailer to another in search of that smell of authenticity, only to end up with a compromised quality that doesn’t deliver the taste and efforts you put into cooking a dish, such a disappointment! But no more of such, because we know the solution.

where to buy fresh fish in singapore

A not so typical fish outlet

Anything that’s typical is ordinary. Once it crossed that line, the extraordinary steps in. Hence, to find that unique and real taste of seafood, you need to search for that place which surpasses the ordinary border line.

From the rare divine fishes like monkfish and halibut to cod and sea bass, you can have them all at its best. Not only that, but you can also go for fish fillets if you please so, for single serving recipes and frozen staples if you are planning on some long term preservation but want to make sure that it retains the desired quality over the time. Also, get your little customizations done wherever needed to have them as per your requirement, taste and convenience. All at one place, a high rated restaurant that is also a fish market.

Fish that comes to you on its own

Your best quality fish to bring the true taste out of your recipe will swim its way to your doorsteps. No more going around the market in search of the right fish. It doesn’t only ensure that you end up saving a lot of time and futile efforts but also brings you what you need at the cost of mere reasonable rates, that’s all. Order before 9pm and boom, you have fresh optimum quality of fish in your kitchen the next day!

Thus, these restaurant come fish markets are the solution to all your fish problems. From quality to all the wasted time after searching the right quality, you’ll have it all covered with them. Now you know where to buy fresh fish in Singapore. Don’t forget to thank them once you know how the grilled stingray with a hint of lime tastes, with the quality of fish they deliver.